Tips for Weight Loss: Before You Begin

5 Tips For Weight Loss: Before You Begin

Do your old skinny jeans still haunt you? Do you find it harder than ever to lose weight after years of yo-yo dieting? Well, you’re not alone so in this article we will look at 5 tips for weight loss to ensure that this time is different so you can embark on the last weight-loss journey you’ll ever need.

Before you start any diet or exercise plan, you need to make sure your doctor is okay with it. Keeping that in mind, let’s walk through the 5 steps you can take to prepare yourself for this time to be different.

5 Steps/ Tips For Weight Loss are:

Step 1: Forget the Past

Don’t let past diet failures discourage you. This is a new beginning, and you will have new results. Get ready to try as though you’ve never failed because you never have to fail again!

Step 2: Set Concrete Goals

Your big-picture goal might be to lose 14 pounds, but which activities will you do to burn calories? What types of food will you buy? When will you make time to work out and cook healthy meals? Goal-setting isn’t just about general ideas; it’s about fleshing out the logistical details, too.

Step 3: Purchase Supplies

You’re going to need plenty of fresh produce, lean protein and pure drinking water. If you don’t already have those things on hand, you’ll need to plan a shopping trip. Try to think of other items that could prove helpful. For example, weight loss requires adequate sleep. If you have trouble sleeping at night, invest in some earplugs or a sleep mask that blocks out ambient light.

Step 4: Plan Your Schedule

If you work during the week, you might want to start on a Friday evening. That’s because fatigue is common when you’re starting out, and you want to give your body enough time to grow accustomed to the new regimen. After two days, you will feel more energetic than ever.

Step 5: Make a List of Rewards

Think up some tangible rewards you can give yourself for losing weight. Since you want to lose a large amount of weight in a short amount of time, avoid using your favorite food as treats. Instead, buy yourself a book on your wishlist, or go out to a movie. Go for a walk through a new neighborhood, or splurge on a pedicure. There are plenty of ways to celebrate your success that won’t sabotage your efforts.


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